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The biggest problem I have with free online dating

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The biggest problem that I have with free online dating sites is not the huge amount of fake sites. It’s not the huge amount of scammers that tend to populate these free sites. It’s not even the huge number of spammers that tend to congregate and target these websites. Instead, the problem that I have is the quality of the people that they attract.

Free online dating websites do attract real people. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of the biggest dating sites out there actually started off as free dating sites or are still subscription-free sites. Unfortunately, when you advertise that you are a free site, you decrease the value of your member base. Seriously.

Think about it this way. If people have to pay to join a particular website, then automatically only serious people would populate that website. Also, when people have to shell out their hard-earned dollars to enjoy the benefits of a sex dating site like onlineSEXdates, these people are motivated to engage other people.

In other words, they have all the reasons in the world to get their money’s worth. I hope you see where I’m coming from. Unfortunately, you don’t get these advantages when you join a free online dating site.

Free means no commitment

Have you ever noticed that for every 100 people you contact at a free dating site, only maybe one or two are respond? This may seem pathetic, this may seem really sad, but I would argue that this is all too predictable. In fact, it should be expected. Why? It’s a free site, what do you expect?

Since it’s a free site, there’s really no commitment on the other side for them to follow through. They really have no skin in the game, so to speak. They can just join based on a whim without any serious incentive to actually engage other members.

Too many temporary members

As I mentioned earlier, when people don’t have to pay, it’s very easy for them to just join on a whim. This increases tremendously the number of temporary members. These are people who join with vague hopes that they would actually hook up through the website. But if these women feel that there are not enough cute guys on those websites, they simply stop visiting the site. In other words, they become temporary members.

Unfortunately, when you check out the database of many of these free dating sites, it may seem like there’s tons of good-looking women out there. Litttle do you know that these women are actually no longer logging in. So you end up wasting a lot of your time competing for a small group of women that everybody else is trying to bang.

You see the problem, you see the odds that you’re up against. The truth is it’s very easy to waste a lot of time on free online dating sites. In most cases, it’s much better to shell out a few extra dollars every month for a paid site. At the very least, you can be assured that the profiles won’t be shallow people but would be more committed and more permanent members.

Still, it’s not a slamdunk. It doesn’t mean that just because you joined a paid dating site, you automatically get laid. It doesn’t work that way. However, your chances of succeeding increase.

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