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Cambb for Free

Filed under : Webcams

I quit being curious about cam sites a long time ago for the honest reason that there is free porn out there with minimal effort and these cam sites always seemed to try and rope you into buying credits, without which you can basically do absolutely nothing.

It turns out that this is not the case at CamBB. Ooooh I think the penny just dropped – the BB stands for baby? I’ve seen so many guys type that and was mocking them for saving on typing 2 letters but I get it now. My bad.

Anyways, back to the free part. It’s perhaps not exactly the most ethical play to hang out there forever without paying a dime, but heh it’s the internet right so fuck that. I checked out quite a few girls and the only things you can’t do is the private chats and shows but you can see everything else so when other people are throwing tokens their way to do naughty things you get to see it too.

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